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Kinapsys Virtual Rehab


Kinapsys Virtual Rehab

KINAPSYS is the first rehab-gaming tool that provides comprehensive patient care for the functional rehabilitation process. The system is based on playful exercises that have been specifically developed to reach therapeutic goals.

Kinect® sensors developed by Microsoft make setting up the patient’s therapy sessions a quick and streamlined process. The sensor automatically detects the patient’s joints and body parts and transfers the information to the KINAPSYS system, which is then able to dictate a range of suggested exercises to best match the patient’s specific rehabilitation needs. Automatically detects body segments and joints.

How it Benefits

The patient, the individual PT and the practice overall - the entire rehabilitation network, in other words – are all able to reap the benefits of this system. The use of KINAPSYS offers many benefits when it comes to obtaining rehabilitation goals.

    Through the use of augmented reality, an avatar and a playful interface, KINAPSYS offers the patient a complete support system. The system allows the patient’s progress to be tracked from beginning to end with the aim of the gradual reintegration of body functions. As a result, total autonomy for the patient becomes possible. KINAPSYS offers comprehensive rehabilitation.
    KINAPSYS offers rehabilitation exercises that are both motivating and engaging for patients of all ages and conditions. By incorporating virtual or augmented reality and visual feedback, the patient’s progress is accelerated thanks to the impact on neuro-motor reprogramming. Designed for use by the entire body, KINAPSYS allows for exercises that target specific areas with the ultimate goal of integrating those movements into overall body performance. KINAPSYS offers successful rehabilitation.
    KINAPSYS brings advanced technology to the practice that is both easily integrated and non-disrupting to existing operations.
    The system is unobtrusive and the effectiveness of the methods used have been scientifically recognized. The system also allows for a new and improved rehabilitation support system. KINAPSYS offers adapted rehabilitation.


The playful aspects of KINAPSYS work to give the patient more involvement in his or her rehabilitation while helping to break down psychological barriers that could otherwise inhibit the process. And the resulting biofeedback works to accelerate the rehabilitation process. Augmented reality tools (an image of the patient is superimposed on the screen over the goals that are to be met within a specified time) serve to motivate the patient, and allow him or her to make self-corrections. The result is the patient’s increased autonomy. KINAPSYS provides comprehensive patient care, from the beginning of rehabilitation to the integration of specific movements.

The exercises are divided by body parts (upper limb, spine, lower limb) and the practitioner can adjust the range of motion. Specific protocols are provided for each stage of the rehabilitation process. The Physiotherapist also has the power to create unique management programs that can be adapted to the needs of each individual patient by choosing among 425 exercises.

Kinapsys is divided into three main parts, all with dedicated aims:

  • Rehabilitation: Treat pathologies, recover range of motion, and re-introduce a function.
  • Reinforcement: Organize the follow-up of a post-traumatic patient, fitness, develop the cardio-muscular skills, encourage the introduction of physical activities
  • Specific work: address pathologies frequently seen in physiotherapy, develop new skills for the practitioner: coaching, group session


Once the patient is in position to perform the exercises, his or her joints are automatically detected by KINAPSYS. In addition, patients can work standing up, sitting or laying down, and with or without additional accessories.

  • Immediate patient setup
  • Automatic detection of joints
  • Ability to work standing up, sitting down or laying down
  • Option to incorporate accessories (weights, rubber bands)


Each patient benefits from having his or her own treatment folder that keeps track of administrative data and the results of each session.KINAPSYS offers more than 425 customizable exercises that can be adjusted for range of motion over five levels of varying difficulty.

  • Individual patient folders to record information from each session
  • 425 customizable exercises
  • Range-of-motion variations for each movement
  • 5 levels of difficulty


KINAPSYS allows patients to benefit from biofeedback during their sessions. During the therapy, the patient is constantly making self-correcting movements to the avatar on the screen. And the Physiotherapist can also intervene at will during a session to modify the parameters of an exercise or correct the movements of the patient.

  • Biofeedback
  • Self-correction by the patient
  • Mirror-effect
  • Option to modify parameters
  • Corrections by the physiotherapist


At the end of each session, KINAPSYS presents the results of each exercise in the form of a graph. The patient’s scores are displayed in thirds to show the phases of learning, mastery and exhaustion. Keeping track of results in this way and watching them evolve over time makes it easy to show the patient his or her progress, all the while increasing motivation.

  • Quantifiable results divided into thirds
  • Graphic results that are easy to read
  • Printable reports
  • Visible performance evolution
  • Increased patient motivation