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Desmotec Sports Training & Rehab


Desmotec Sports Training & Rehab


DESMOTEC is an Italian company leader in technologies for isoinertial training, athletic training, training and rehabilitation. DESMOTEC is the result of a long collaboration between world-class coaches (FISI in the first place), professional athletes, doctors, physiotherapists and entrepreneurs who believe in the sector.

Now a day’s competitive sports training as well as athletic training, rehabilitation and functional recovery are no longer consist of a series of individual physical sensations, but are instead genuine projects associated with personal goals:

  • Performance
  • Fast Recovery
  • Maintenance
  • Injury Prevention
  • Improve Quality of life
  • Strength Conditioning

The DESMOTEC research and development program aims to achieve technical and practical improvements, in order to provide a cutting- edge system in the iso-inertial technology field. This is why, at the international level, DESMOTEC relies on an elite group of qualified professionals, federations of various sports, and research centers; their extensive experience, support the continuous development and excellence of DESMOTEC.

DESMOTEC V. LINE has been designed for the upper body and for open kinetic chain functional movements.

DESMOTEC D. LINE are ideals to work lower body in a closed kinetic chain.

The Vertical Machine is useful for muscular development, injury prevention and rehabilitation purposes, allowing the user to come as close as possible to the specific movement, thanks to the versatility of the machine and the possibility of adjusting the anchorage point. All versions are fitted with DESMOTEC software that can be used to view all control parameters continuously: Power, Velocity, Strength and Balance.

How it Benefits

The exercises carried out using the DESMOTEC method are simple and very effective. The special software provides continuous feedback on the power developed and on the quality of the eccentric and concentric training session.

In all fields of human movement (sport, rehabilitation, health), it is essential to train eccentric strength in a focussed manner, since it has been scientifically proven that:

  • It generates greater strength than traditional training methods (as much as 40%-50%);
  • It improves the performance of the extensor muscle chain;
  • It requires less cardio-pulmonary effort;
  • It generates longer-lasting results more quickly.


Isoinertial training
Isoinertial training

In isoinertial training, an athletes concentric movement is transformed into kinetic energy. That energy is latterly rebounded and dissipated into the eccentric phase of the movement.

The dissipated energy is directly proportional to the energy generated from the concentric movement. This results in broader motor unit recruitment promoting faster recovery and enhancing muscle conditioning. Studies lead to ground-breaking solutions that became accessible to the physical conditioning field creating new approaches to injury rehabilitation and prevention.

The system is simple, it is made up of a rotating shaft and a belt. The belt is attached to the athletes waist, cords run from the belt to the shaft. The cords are wrapped around the shaft and are used transfer the athletes movement into kinetic energy which rotates the shaft. In order to store the kinetic energy, the shaft is equipped with a flywheel. The greater the force applied from the athlete during the concentric movement, the faster the flywheel will accelerate.

Benefits of isoinertial training
Benefits of isoinertial training

This type of resistance training is relevant for endurance athletes as well. Unchanged muscle oxidative capacity allows endurance athletes to implement and perform explosive power movements into their training regime.

  • the ability to generate greater forces, compared to traditional training methods (up to 40%-50% increase)
  • extensor muscle chain performance enhancements
  • lower cardiopulmonary efforts
  • a unique neuromuscular activation requiring lower CNS fatigue
  • stimulation of specific micro adaptations capable of rebuilding damaged muscle tissue

DESMOTEC Eccentric and concentric training
DESMOTEC Eccentric and concentric training

Any relative movement between two bone segments derives from two basic muscle movements: concentric movement, in which muscle fibres contract; and the eccentric movement, in which muscle fibres lengthen. Using a belt/harness with cords attached to a rotating shaft, the athletes kinetic energy can be used to rotate the shaft. By means of a flywheel, the power produced in the concentric movement is mechanically stored when the cords are wrapped around the shaft, dragging the athlete downward. No gravitational force is required for the D. line to operate. Desmotec has improved this technology by upgrading it with integrated hardware and dedicated software capable of measuring power output in both the concentric and eccentric phases.

  • Perfect timing of anti-gravity muscle activation
  • Correct synchronization of the entire extensor chain
  • Pre-activation of gluteal muscles
  • Neutral asset at lumbar and dorsal level

DESMOTEC Eccentric training for Sports and Rehabilitation
DESMOTEC Eccentric training for Sports and Rehabilitation

The eccentric training exercises performed using the DESMOTEC isoinertial machines are simple and very effective. Thanks to the dedicated software, there is continuous feedback on the power developed and the quality of the eccentric and concentric training session.

  • Classic squat (deep squat, half squat or alternate squat);
  • Frontal lunges
  • Monopodalic works
  • Sagittal lunges.