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What Impact Erectile Dysfunction Has On Relationships: The Clinic World Analysis

31Oct 2019

Erectile Dysfunction (ED), well known as impotence, is a kind of sexual inability that prevents a man from enjoying a relationship with his partner. Today the number of men suffering from such sexual debilitation is consistently on the rise. Usually, a man when he ages may acquire this medical condition but today, younger adults too are not excluded from the list of sufferers. Therefore, the adult men under any age category are subject to facing the odds of ED and consequently coming to the end of relationships.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?
Erectile Dysfunction is such a medical condition of sexual disorder in which a man troubles getting or maintaining a penile erection required to have sex. Having the penis firm enough to continue sexual intercourse every now & then is not a matter to throw out of mind; such recurrent issue is bound to result in stress, lack of self-confidence and inevitable end of relationship with partner as well. Problems with having or sustaining an erection before sex may be the symptom of an abnormal health condition that requires immediate treatment.

Common Impacts of ED in a Relationship
Of course, it’s quite frustrating about men not getting enough penile erection to enjoy the sexual pleasure with his beloved partner. Thus the issue forces them to take it as loss of fertility as well as manliness since they become unable to satisfy his partner on bed. Erectile dysfunction not only removes the activity of sexual intercourse from a relationship but also psychologically affects both man & woman. Especially men keep suffering from anxiety and feel ashamed of expressing themselves to the person of his choice.

Psychological Impacts on Women
Although the problems & complications of ED are completely associated with men, women do not get exempted from the impact of this medical condition. Since most of the relationships are built between men & women, erectile dysfunction can have major psychological impacts on female figures. Sometimes, women assume themselves partially or fully responsible for such sexual disorder, even knowing that their male partners are suffering from ED. Most of them start wondering if their partners find interest in others more beautiful & attractive. Unfortunately, such circumstances may lead to the end of the relationship.

Causing Bitterness & Guilt in Relationship
Due to erectile dysfunction, constant hindrance in sexual activity makes it difficult to continue an intimate relationship between two souls. It is more because such circumstances give birth to feelings of low self-esteem and guilt. The couples also experience higher levels of trauma and strain after erectile dysfunction affects the sex life of men. As a result, anger & bitterness persist in the relationship on a regular basis. The partners then decided to put an end to their long-term romance eventually as well.

However, erectile dysfunction may have more other impacts on both partners while staying in a relationship. The person suffering from ED should not delay in getting medically treated to regain their stamina and sexual ability. Proper & systematic treatment by professionals is bound to maintain a healthy relationship. To know more about remedies for erectile dysfunction check out!

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