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"THE CLINIC" is a "dream come true" for a team of doctors, therapists and healers who wanted to join hands and integrate their special skills to create an efficient healing system. This Healing system incorporates a multidimensional therapeutic interventions.

THE CLINIC is a complete rehabilitation centre with presence of specialists from Physiotherapy, Homeopathy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology & Counselling, Speech Therapy, Diet & Nutrition Therapy and Acupuncture. All these therapies complement each other and work in coordination for comprehensive rehabilitation.

THE CLINIC team is well trained, specialized and experienced to treat and heal most of the health problems except surgical cases. This Team has the expertise to heal and rectify the issues related to Visible Body, Invisible Body and Body Energy. The whole process revolves around the grand idea of Homeostasis, i.e., equilibrium of human physiology.

Physiotherapy services are highly advanced and sophisticated in the sense that most treatment protocols are based on modern evidence based clinical researches related to Posture, Alignment and Biomechanics of human body.

THE CLINIC is offering a computer aided revolutionary training module called "Desmotec Sports Performance Enhancement Programme" for the first time in India. This scientific programme is designed in such a way that it collaborates between structural & functional status of a player and the static & dynamic challenges posed by his game.

THE CLINIC is competent enough to rejuvenate the clients as a whole and bring the vigour and vitality back in their lives through its holistic approach to health, wellness and harmony.

  • Mission
  • Vision

The Mission of THE CLINIC is to create a healthy and happy society by creating awareness and offering complete health solutions through holistic treatment.

Human Health is supreme and a sincere, learned and dedicated healthcare system should own the responsibility.


Dr Sarvotam Chauhan
Director – Chief Physiotherapist
Sachit Khanna
Kshitij Saxena
Dr. Amitabh Upadhyay
Sr. Consultant Homeopathy & Acupuncture
Dr. Robins Kumar
Senior Occupational Therapist
Dr. Bhashkar Singh
Senior Physiotherapist
Dr. Roobal Jain
Physiotherapist (Fitness Expert)
Dr. Prateek Suryawanshi
Associate Physiotherapist
Dr. Ashish Saini
Associate Physiotherapist
Dr. Bharat Bhushan
Associate Physiotherapist
Dr. Navin Shah
Associate Physiotherapist
Dr. Amrit Poudel
Associate Physiotherapist
Dr. Saed Varis
Associate Physiotherapist
Dr. Pushkar Sachdeva
Associate Physiotherapist
Dr. Lakhan Singh
Associate Physiotherapist
Dr. Poonam Parihar
Associate Physiotherapist